i want selena as a girlfriend but she’s too stuck up justin’s ass; confessed by anonymous

ashley is so annoying; confessed by anonymous

not gonna lie, i kind of ship mikey and ashton together; confessed by anonymous.

shansel is just kind of boring now; confessed by anonymous.

ariana and bradley are literally so, so, so adorable; confessed by anonymous.

Holy guacamole, Batman. There’s ton of confessions in the inbox, and that’s exactly what I love to see. I’m going to work on queueing them all up, but in the mean time, keep sending them in.

Please submit some confessions, thanks :)<3

jade is a whiny bitch; confessed by anon.

i don’t understand why so many people like shailene. she seems so boringconfessed by anon.

dove annoys me, and the thought of her touching ashton makes me wanna puke. get away from my man; confessed by anon.