cameron, fuck me right now!!!; confessed by anonymous

 barbara and justin need to get together?; confessed by anonymous

i want to corrupt ana; confessed by anonymous

Just a little note to remember - if you’re going to submit a confession that’s bordering on sexually explicit, I’m either going to change the wording slightly, or delete it completely. Nothing against what you’re saying, but there are some people who would rather not see that sort of things on their dash.

I’d love to see some new confessions in the inbox soon. If you’ve got something on your mind, something that you want to get off your chest, or just something that you can’t bring yourself to say out loud, here’s the place to do so.

treegan gives me a headache at this point; confessed by anonymous.

brendon and taylor are the only couple that actually works, bye; confessed by anonymous

dylan and britt seem like one of the most functional couples around; confessed by anonymous.

// just to clarify, the celebs can read the confessions, correct?

Considering everything is IC, yes. I’m not sure how you could work something like this into an IC conversation other than it’s similar to rumors that go around Hollywood, but yes, they can read it.

zayn and perrie are so not right for one another; confessed by anonymous